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Dr FIT Wolf Budoserwis dominate in Silesian Business League

EFCF / 15-July-18

The team of Dr FIT Wolf Budoserwis cruised undefeated through the Spring 2018 season in the PowerPartners Ekstraklasa of Silesian Business League to win the league title with 31 points out of possible 33!

Andip-92 break the hegemony of MAGNA in Plovdiv

EFCF / 12-July-18

The 2017/18 season of the Football Corporate League in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv was officially closed with an award ceremony on 1st July.

Empark and Bueno Caffé triumph in Liga Empresarial

EFCF / 09-July-18

The biggest event of the Portuguese Liga Empresarial – their National Final – took place in the city of Castelo Branco on Saturday, 7th July, and hosted 14 teams from the whole country.