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AD Auto Total win second consecutive Liga Companiilor title

18 July 2019 /

AD Auto Total, the EFBLU European Cup 2 quarterfinalists, continued their dominance in Liga Companiilor and finished at the top of the standings in 2018/19, too!

The defending champions recorded a phenomenal first half of the season with 14 wins out of 15 games and only 1 defeat at the hands of the EFBLU European Tour 3 semifinalists Marco Vet. In the second half of the season, the players of the automotive parts store protected their lead at the top and finished with 72 points, 7 more than runners-up TTA.

AD Auto Total also scored the most goals in the league (148) and had the best goal difference of +76. Furthermore, their star Nicolae Ionel won the best player of the season award.

TTA, who finished fourth in 2017/18, improved their ranking by two places and won the silver medals. The team played some solid defense and Robert-Florin Cristea, who also scored 10 goals, was voted the best defender of the season.

The bronze medals went to the team of Gemini Solutions, who finished one point behind TTA. The software company conceded the fewest goals (64) in the league and their shot stopper Nicolae-Răzvan Grancea became the best goalkeeper of the season.

Mobexpert came fourth, having the league's top goalscorer Alexandru-Cristian-Mircea Șomârlea in their squad. He scored 53 goals in the campaign.

Three teams - Catena Racing Team, RCS & RDS and EFBLU European Tour 3 quarterfinalists PepsiCo, won promotion from second division and will play in the top flight next season.

In total, 40 teams with 795 players, whose average age was 33 years, participated in 1.Liga, 2.Liga and 2B.Liga of Liga Companiilor in 2018/19. They scored 4420 goals in 538 games (an average of 8.22 goals per game)!

Here are the main awards:

Champions - AD Auto Total
Silver medalists - TTA
Bronze medalists - Gemini Solutions
"Fair-Play Cumpăna" Trophy - Royal Car
Best player - Nicolae Ionel (AD Auto Total)
Top goalscorer - Alexandru-Cristian-Mircea Șomârlea (Mobexpert)
Best goalkeeper - Nicolae-Răzvan Grancea (Gemini Solutions)
Best defender - Robert-Florin Cristea (TTA)
Best "non-employee" - Florin Cormoș (Mobexpert)
Best coach - George-Laurențiu Dumitrache (Rompetrol)
Champions of the second part of the season - Mega Image
Biggest revelation - Rompetrol
Most attractive team - Gemini Solutions

Champions - Catena Racing Team
"Fair-Play Cumpăna" Trophy - UiPath
Best player - Mihai-Iulian Cană (Catena Racing Team)
Top goalscorer - Costel-Silviu Costache (DCN EU Cash & Carry)
Best goalkeeper - Ștefan Popa (Electronic Arts)

2.Liga - Tournament
Champions - PepsiCo

Champions - PepsiCo
"Fair-Play Cumpăna" Trophy - Cora Alexandriei
Top goalscorer - Mihai Mangealic (PepsiCo)

Special awards
Most organized team - PepsiCo
Longevity award - Hidroconstrucția
Fidelity award - the referees

The new 2019/20 season of 1.Liga of Liga Companiilor will kick off on 9th September and will feature the following 16 teams: AD Auto Total, TTA, Gemini Solutions, Mobexpert, Rompetrol, Marco Vet, Printerr, Mega Image, Televol Systems, Renault-Omniasig, Royal Car, Hidroconstrucția, Lindab, Catena Racing Team, RCS & RDS and PepsiCo.