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Andip-92 defend their title in Plovdiv

8 July 2019 /

Andip-92, the EFBLU European Cup 2 quarterfinalists, have won the Football Corporate League in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv for a second time in a row!

The 2018/19 season kicked off with 11 local teams on 27th September 2018 and ended on 9th June 2019.

The defending champions pushed the tempo from the start and recorded a run of 9 straight wins before finally losing 3-5 to ABB Bulgaria on 30th January. They finished the league marathon of 27 games at the top of the standings with 22 wins, 1 draw, 4 defeats and a total of 67 points.

Andip-92, who scored in double digits 6 times, were also the highest scoring team. Their players found the net of the rivals 179 times with forward Yanko Shinlakov leading the way with 45 goals. He was actively supported by his partner in the attack, Nikolay Pavlov, who added 25 and made the record 37 assists.

Liebherr grabbed the silver medals with a strong finish of 7 consecutive victories and a total of 63 points. Their forward Marin Nedelchev contributed significantly to the successful campaign by scoring 48 goals and becoming the league's top goalscorer. Interestingly, Nedelchev even managed to score 10 goals in a single game. He achieved this remarkable goalscoring feat against the team of MM.

Moreover, Liebherr conceded only 65 goals, the fewest number in the league, and recorded the best goal difference of +97 (162-65).

The last place on the podium was for Hanon Systems who managed to collect 59 points, one more than rivals and EFBLU European Tour 3 semifinalists SBTech.

Traditionally, the league organizers have handed a number of individual awards. Here they are:

Golden glove - Aleksandar Petkov (TELUS International)
Best goalkeeper - Lyubomir Linkin (Hanon Systems)
Best defender - Yordan Harkov (Andip-92)
Best midfielder - Dimitar Shterev (Liebherr)
Best forward - Marin Nedelchev (Liebherr)
MVP - Stoyan Georgiev (SBTech)
Top goalscorer - Marin Nedelchev (Liebherr)
Most assists - Nikolay Pavlov (Andip-92)
Fairplay - MM
Best manager - Dimitar Stoyanov (Liebherr)