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EFBLU European Cup 1: Marco Vet (Bucharest, Romania)

10 November 2017 /

With an area of over 10,000 square meters in Pipera, a luxury district of the Romanian capital Bucharest, the veterinary complex Marco Vet has an elite status in Southeastern Europe and offers a wide range of services to ensure a healthier life for the pets.

This year, the football team of the Marco Vet’s won the prestigious “Constructors Cup”, the longest-running tournament for Romanian companies, organized without interruption in the last ten years.

Currently, the team remains unbeaten in the second league of Liga Companiilor, the only competition for Romanian companies organized in a league system during the calendar year.

Both Constructors Cup and Liga Companiilor are indoor competitions for 6-a-side teams, which are played on AstroTurf pitches in Bucharest.

Presentation of the Marco Vet team can be found on the website of Liga Companiilor.


Tudor Gheorghe Hotobocescu - Captain
Adrian Pepenică
Bogdan Ivan
Nicolae Daniel Costache
Alexandru-Iulian Ilina
Petrică Adrian Puşcaşu
Andrei Dan Petcu
Mihail Șișu
Andrei Brasoveanu
Titus Robert Poșogeanu
Cosmin Nedelcu
Florian Gheorghe Ioniță

Video highlights from the final of "Constructors Cup" 2017:

Video highlights from Marco Vet's last game before EFBLU European Cup 1 (8th November):