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EFBLU European Cup 1: STRONG (Riga, Latvia)

9 November 2017 /

STRONG security company was founded in 2003 and 4 years later they started to organize their biannual international football tournament “STRONG Cup”. The first edition of the tournament featured 4 teams, two of which were the embassies of Belarus and Russia.

It can be said that the STRONG football team was born in June 2007. In 2009 the team merged with the team of Rīnūži to form Rīnūži-Strong. Under this new name, the team participated in the Latvian championship and numerous international tournaments. Rīnūži-Strong won the Latvian Second League (the third tier of football in Latvia) in 2010 and participated in the UEFA Regions’ Cup in 2012. Furthermore, the team finished among the best at football, minifootball and futsal tournaments in Belarus, Estonia and Lithuania.

In 2013, the team of STRONG separated from Rīnūži and continued to play in various tournaments. The team has won the STRONG Cup on numerous occasions.


Igors Karpushovs (Goalkeeper)

Aleksandrs Jerikalovs (Defender)   Aleksejs Kolesnikovs (Defender) - Captain     Dmitrijs Plukaitis (Defender)               Igors Derbakovs (Defender)

Aleksandr Danko (Defender)

Dmitrijs Bogdanovs (Forward)                 Pavels Nikitonovs (Forward)                    Renats Agajevs (Forward)                        Vladislavs Eidimts (Forward)

Sergejs Scegolevs (Manager)