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EFBLU European Cup 2 - MB Aerospace (Rzeszów, Poland)

14 September 2018 /

MB Aerospace provides advanced technology solutions to its customers, specialising in the fabrication and machining of complex aero-engine components.

The football team of the company play in Liga Firm Rzeszów - an indoor corporate league for 6-a-side teams. Being a traditional power in their domestic league and reigning Spring/Summer 2018 champions, the players of MB Aerospace will be now looking to prove themselves against other top international corporate teams in Slovenia.


Grzegorz Ziemba (Goalkeeper)

Marek Pizło (Defender) - Captain
Mirosław Olejarz (Defender)
Andrzej Kuszaj (Defender)
Paweł Nowak (Defender)
Grzegorz Sołtys (Defender)

Patryk Świst (Midfielder)
Szymon Piestrak (Midfielder)
Paweł Wójtowicz (Midfielder
Paweł Ptak (Midfielder)

Krzysztof Rzepa (Forward)
Sławomir Cieśla (Forward)