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EFBLU European Cup 3: DPZ Impol (Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia)

9 September 2019 /

Impol is a flexible, innovative and development-oriented company engaged in reprocessing aluminium in state-of-the-art semi-finished goods that constitute the wide range of our products and successfully meet the needs of various industries.

The football team of DPZ Impol has been a part of the Slovenian Poslovna nogometna liga since the beginning of the project and is a nice proof of how a successful company invests in its employees and their wellbeing.

The team won the bronze medals in the 2018/19 league season and will represent Poslovna nogometna liga at EFBLU European Cup 3 in Plovdiv.


Nejc Plajh
Matjaž Leva
Branko Javernik
Jure Klinc
Bojan Smogavec
David Vrhovnik
Denis Vrhovnik
Matevž Arh
Grega Očko
Uroš Šturm
Marjan Smogavc
Gorazd Fridrih
Tomaž Gracej
Andrej Erker
Drago Štefane
Grega Smogavc
Jože Fajs