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EFBLU European Tour 1: Baltic International Bank (Riga, Latvia)

30 April 2018 /

Baltic International Bank, one of Latvia’s most experienced banks in the field of providing individual, tailor-made services, offering high-quality financial products and investment solutions based on the principles of the ESG (Environmental. Social. Governance), was established in 1993 and its football team was formed 9 years later, in 2002.

The team regularly participates in futsal competitions of Latvian commercial banks and other financial institutions, as well as in the popular international corporate football tournament "Strong Cup".

This year, the team of Baltic International Bank finished second in the Banking Futsal Championship for a second consecutive year, having lost only one game and trailing the champions by only 3 points.


1. Sergejs Bļezņuks (Goalkeeper)
3. Sergejs Kotovs (Universal)
5. Pāvels Bļezņuks (Forward)
8. Igors Derbakovs (Forward)
11. Dmitrijs Pinčuks (Defender)
15. Dmitrijs Timofejevs (Defender)
19. Igors Nikolajevs (Universal)
20. Mihails Nosiks (Universal)
25. Konstantins Terentjevs (Defender)