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EFBLU European Tour 3: Policia d'Andorra (Andorra)

11 June 2019 /

Policia d'Andorra is the national police of Andorra!

The newly formed football team of Policia d'Andorra participated in the first edition of Campionat Inter-Empreses Fubol 7 organized by Job And Sports in April and managed to triumph with the title at the end of the competition!

Now the police officers from the Pyrenees country will test themselves on the international stage at EFBLU European Tour 3 in Madrid!


39.Jordi COLLADO TAPIA Goalkeeper
3.Eric DOMINGO USERO Defender
5.Marc BESSA JOVEDefender
13.Ivan DA COSTA BARBOSA Defender
27.Manel ARROYO ROS Defender
6.Marc ANDRES JOVAL Midfielder
10.Leonel FELIPE ALVES ALVES Midfielder
11.Serni MORENO MONTES Midfielder
7.Albert CUADROS LLOBET Forward
8.Francesc Xavier JOVAL SUAREZ Forward
9.Joan Josep COMAS CASES Forward