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EFCF founding meeting in Kraków, Poland

19 November 2016 /

On 19th November 2016, representatives of four organizations, which organize corporate football leagues and tournaments, gathered in the Polish city of Kraków to discuss the establishment of a European federation which will develop and promote corporate football on our continent.

The meeting was an initiative of Dr Pawel Dimow and was led by Dauerman law firm's representatives Maciej Broda and Marcin Kryszko. It featured André Pascoal and Vasco da Rocha of Funsports (Portugal), Matevž Brec and Igor Nikolič of Poslovna liga (Slovenia), Traycho Baltov of Football Corporate League (Bulgaria) and Eli Holtzman of Sport for all Association (Hasharon, Israel).

The participants agreed on the establishment of a European Federation of Corporate Football (EFCF), approved the statutes of the federation and discussed the organization of the first European Championship for corporate teams. They also elected the following members of the EFCF Board of Managers:

EFCF President: Dr Pawel Dimow (Poland)
EFCF Vice President: André Pascoal (Portugal)
EFCF General Secretary: Matevž Brec (Slovenia)
Member of the EFCF Board of Managers: Traycho Baltov (Bulgaria)
Member of the EFCF Board of Managers: Eli Holtzman (Israel)
Member of the EFCF Board of Managers: Marcin Kluska (Poland)

"I would like to thank my international colleagues for their interest and enthusiasm in this project, and for coming to Kraków to make the important first step of its realization. The meeting was very fruitful and I hope that our cooperation will continue to be like that for many years to come," Dr Dimow said.