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Empark and Bueno Caffé triumph in Liga Empresarial

9 July 2018 /

The biggest event of the Portuguese Liga Empresarial – their National Final – took place in the city of Castelo Branco on Saturday, 7th July, and hosted 14 teams from the whole country.

In a year of restructuring, the event grew as never before and for the first time the National Final featured teams from outside the big metropolitan cities of Porto and Lisbon. As a result, the municipality of Oeiras and the district of Castelo Branco were represented for the first time in this great sporting tournament.

The National Final of Liga Empresarial involved more than 200 players and staff and was traditionally divided into two separate tournaments – Futsal and Football 7. The latter, for 7-a-side teams, is the oldest competition of the Liga Empresarial, and consequently the most established in the market. Porto, Lisbon, Castelo Branco and Oeiras were represented by eight teams in the Football 7 tournament.

From Porto:
Ginásio SPA (LE Porto Champion)
Orange Toldos (Winner of the LE Porto Cup)
Bueno FC / Espaço Auto (LE Porto Champion of the 2nd Edition)

From Lisbon:
Vesauto (Champion of the 1st Division of LE Lisbon)
Empark (Vice-champion of the 1st Division of LE Lisbon)
AXA (Winner of LE Lisbon Cup and Champion of the Spring League)

From Oeiras:
AlfaBase (Champion of the 2nd season of LE Oeiras and winner of the Play-off)

From Castelo Branco:
SIBS (Champion of LE Castelo Branco)

Liga Empresarial's futsal league was reorganized and due to the increased interest, a secodnd division was opened in Lisbon. Six futsal teams from Porto and Lisbon qualified for National Final.

From Porto:
Bueno Caffé (Champion of LE Porto)
Ageas (Vice-champion of LE Porto)
Lobo e Filhos, lda (Champion of Liga Primavera Porto)

From Lisbon:
Escala de Lisboa (Champion and winner of LE Lisbon Cup)
The Cage (Champion of the 1st Division of the 2nd Season of LE Lisbon)
Germano de Sousa (Vice-champion of the 1st Division of the 2nd Season of LE Lisbon)

With the great support of the Municipal Council of the beautiful city of Castelo Branco, all conditions for the tremendous success of this fantastic business event were in place.

In the final match of the Futbol 7 tournament, the team of Empark managed to defeat Orange Toldos on panalties after the regular time ended in a 0-0 stalemate. In the penalty shoot-out, the players of Empark scored 2 goals while their rivals found the net only once. Interestingly, both teams also met in the group stage and that match was won by Orange Toldos by 3-1.

On the other side, the Futsal final between the teams of Bueno Caffé and The Cage was the highest scoring game of the whole event as the team from Porto defeated their Lisbon rivals by 6-3. Bueno Caffé also managed to beat The Cage by 3-1 in the group stage. Interestingly, both finalists were defeated in the group stage by Escala de Lisboa. The Cage, however, took their revenge on Escala by eliminating them in the semifinals with a 3-2 win.

Porto and Lisbon, the two largest cities of the Liga Empresarial universe, left Castelo Branco with one title each. Oeiras with AlfaBase won their group and reached the semi-final, while Castelo Branco had a great representative in SIBS, who showed their best against the more experienced rivals and were only eliminated by the future champion.

European Football Business Leagues United congratulates the teams of Empark and Bueno Caffé on winning Liga Empresarial's most prestigious titles!