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Football Corporate League comes to Varna

5 July 2019 /

Football Corporate League is growing in Bulgaria with a new league in the beautiful city of Varna on the Black Sea!

The new competition of our Bulgarian partners kicked off in the sea capital of Bulgaria on Thursday, 27th June, with the following 9 local teams:

- Vik Varna (Water utility company)
- Bash Мaystora (Building materials store)
- Agropolychim (Manufacturer of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers)
- Flotski Arsenal KRZ (Shipyard)
- Imoti Premier (Real estate agency)
- Metro Varna (Hypermarket)
- Speedy Varna (Courier company)
- SOD-DSC (Security guard service)
- OD MVR Varna (Government ministry)

Following the first two rounds, the team of Vik tops the league standings with 2 wins over Metro and Speedy. In these two games the players of the water utility company have achieved the highly impressive goal difference of 22-5!

We should highlight the great form of the Vik players Ivaylo Ivanov (7 goals) and Dragomir Mladenov (5 assists) at the start of the season. They are the players who have recorded the most goals and assists so far.

The first part of the season will end after the 9th round of fixtures on 22nd August. Until then, teams will compete every Thursday.