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Job and Sports become the latest EFBLU member

26 July 2019 /

European Football Business Leagues United is delighted to welcome Job and Sports from Andorra as its newest member.

"More great news for our organization! After the very successful EFBLU European Tour 3 in Madrid last month, we were joined by the Serbian Poslovna liga u fudbalu 6+1 and we are now welcoming Job and Sports from Andorra. We have already been working productively with our new colleagues from the beautiful Pyrenees country and their champions Policia d'Andorra participated in the mentioned EFBLU European Tour 3. I cannot forget the fantastic atmosphere created by the Andorran fans at that tournament," EFBLU President Dr Pawel Dimow said.

Sergio Segado, the manager of Job and Sports, added: "The EFBLU membership is a good opportunity for us to showcase the companies from Andorra and their football teams to Europe in a friendly environment created by EFBLU and its members."

Job and Sports was born in April 2019 with the intention to provide companies with quality team building sports activities. Currently, our new Andorran partners are organizing two football tournaments - Torneig Futbol 7 Inter-Empreses, a 1-day tournament with 13 teams and more than 3000 € in awards, and Inter-Empreses Weekend Challenge Cup in which a maximum of 32 teams play more than 80 matches in one weekend.

Apart from football, in 2019 and 2020, Job and Sports will launch other sports activities, such as Basketball 3x3 in collaboration with Federació Andorrana de Basquetbol, Beach Volleyball 4x4 in collaboration with Federació Andorrana de Voleibol and Padel in collaboration with Principadel.

Job and Sports is actively working to expand its offer of sports activities and create better experiences for its client companies in the beautiful country of Andorra.

European Football Business Leagues United now have 14 members in 12 countries!