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LexLAZIO win the inaugural Cupa Avocaților 2020

30 October 2020 /

This autumn, Liga Companiilor came out with a new initiative in Romania and organized their first Bucharest championship for lawyers - Cupa Avocaților 2020!

The first edition of the championship started on 11th September and featured 6 teams which played each other once in 5 rounds of fixtures. The top 4 teams in the standings qualified for the semifinals.

LexLAZIO dominated their rivals by winning all 5 games and scoring 51 goals to reach the phase of direct elimination. Each of BB3 (Baroul București 3) and AESAv (Asociația pentru Educație și Sport a Avocaților) won 3 games and lost 2 to collect 9 points and finish second and third, respectively. Estudiantes (Estudiantes Alumni) earned the last spot in the semifinals thanks to their 5-0 win over VTM (Vulpoi & Toader Management) in the last round of fixtures. Both teams finished with 6 points but the defeat in the direct match sent VTM to the fifth place in the table. Finally, CMS (CMS Cameron McKenna) did not manage to win any points and finished sixth.

In the first semifinal, LexLAZIO showed their great form again and beat Estudiantes comfortably by 6-2. BB3 also reached the final with a difficult 3-2 win over AESAv.

Estudiantes, who were beaten 7-9 by AESAv in the first round of the group stage, took a revenge on their rivals by defeating them 8-5 in the small final and winning the bronze medals.

The final was played in Arena Alexandreea on 23rd October and featured LexLAZIO and BB3. Both teams met in the last round of the group stage and the former team emerged victorious with a convincing 8-4 win. This time LexLAZIO faced a tougher challenge from their rivals but still managed to grab the trophy with a hard-fought 3-2 win!

Summarizing, a total of 19 games (760 minutes) were played and 183 goals (9,63 goals per game) were scored at Cupa Avocaților 2020. The 6 participating teams used 68 players. Marius Cazacu (LexLAZIO) was selected MVP, his teammate Eduard Plăvicheanu became the top goalscorer and Andy Calapød (Estudiantes) took the award for the best goalkeeper.