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Lokal Nieruchomości rule in Silesia again

20 April 2019 /

The team of the real estate broker Lokal Nieruchomości from Gliwice defended their Sportowa Liga Firm – Silesia title in a great style after winning all 10 games of the Winter 2019 season!

The defending champions showed their strength by always finding the net at least two more times than their opponents and scoring in double digits in half of the games they played. Their impressive run included two 10-0 wins and a spectacular 16-10 goal fiesta against Fortis Logistics Sławków. In the end, Lokal Nieruchomości collected all 30 points with the fantastic goal difference of 96-33 and had an 11-point lead over runners-up Dobry Warsztat at the top of the standings!

Similarly to last season, Dawid Kaciuba played an important role in the title run-in. The star of Lokal Nieruchomości scored at least 3 goals in 8 of the games, including three 6-goal and two 5-goal performances, and amassed a total of 38 goals to become the top goalscorer of the top flight. Moreover, he recorded 11 assists and was selected 7 times in the team of the week.

In the lower divisions of Sportowa Liga Firm – Silesia, we should highlight the devastating goalscoring form of Saint Gobain who scored 125 goals (the most in the entire league) and conceded only 26 to win 1 League with 26 points out of possible 30. Their prolific striker Krystian Kowalik led the way with 40 goals and 18 assists.

Elsewhere, OEX MerService, boosted by the 23 goals of Radosław Jaroszek, won 2 League with 23 points while Rockwell Automation collected 26 points to finish at the top of 3 League. Their star man Adam Mania played a key role and contributed 30 goals and 18 assists to the successful run of his team.

Finally, the team of, who finished second in 2 League, won the Winter 2019 League Cup after beating Ekstraklasa runners-up Dobry Warsztat in the final on penalties (5-4) following a 2-2 draw in regular time.

The traditional Gala to close the league season took place Klub Spiż in Katowice on 5th April and featured former Poland international and Olympique de Marseille midfielder Piotr Świerczewski, who was presenting the awards to the players. You can see the highlights of the event in the below video:

Main statistics of the Winter 2019 season:

FlySpot Ekstraklasa
Winner:     Lokal Nieruchomości    -    30 points
Top goalscorer:     Dawid Kaciuba    (Lokal Nieruchomości)    -    38 goals
Most assists:     Bartosz Borowiec    (Firma ZK Grzybowice)    -    22 assists
Most selections in the team of the week:     Dawid Kaciuba    (Lokal Nieruchomości)    -    7 times

1 League
Winner:     Saint Gobain    -    26 points
Top goalscorer:     Krystian Kowalik    (Saint Gobain)    -    40 goals
Most assists:     Radomir Kowalski    (Saint Gobain)    -    22 assists
Most selections in the team of the week:     Krystian Kowalik    (Saint Gobain)    -    6 times

2 League
Winner:     OEX MerService    -    23 points
Top goalscorer:     Michał Tobik    (COLDGROUP)    and    Radosław Jaroszek    (OEX MerService)    -    23 goals
Most assists:     Michał Tobik    (COLDGROUP)    and    Kamil Maj    (ESA Logistika)    -    17 assists
Most selections in the team of the week:     Radosław Jaroszek    (OEX MerService)    -    5 times

3 League
Winner:     Rockwell Automation    -    26 points
Top goalscorer:     Mikołaj Michna    (ArchiDoc)    and    Adam Mania    (Rockwell Automation)    -    30 goals
Most assists:     Tomasz Krotofil    (ArchiDoc)    -    19 assists
Most selections in the team of the week:     Mikołaj Michna    (ArchiDoc)    and    Adam Mania    (Rockwell Automation)    -    5 times