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PFarma win Futbolempresas’s Torneo Apertura again

14 February 2019 /

The team of PFarma defended their Torneo Apertura title after defeating Alfa Microgés by 4-3 in the final of Primera División Oro (Premier Division Gold).

The game was played at Colegio El Recuerdo in Madrid on 11th February and offered plenty of drama. PFarma took a 3-0 lead but Alfa Microgés managed to level the score before scoring a second own goal which proved decisive for the outcome of the final.

"Torneo Apertura brought together 120 companies in Madrid between October and February. After more than 700 games played on Mondays, we determined our champion. The team of PFarma defended their title by beating Alfa Microgés by four goals to three in a beautiful final," FutbolEmpresas's director Antonio Barrera explained.

All the teams which entered Torneo Apertura were divided into 12 groups of 10 teams. The teams played one game with each rival in their group. Depending on their places in the group standings, the teams were then divided into 4 separate tournaments - Primera División Oro (Premier Division Gold) with 32 teams, Primera División Plata (Premier Division Silver) with 32 teams, Segunda División Oro (Second Division Gold) with 32 teams and Segunda División Plata (Second Division Silver) with 24 teams. These 4 tournaments featured single games of direct elimination only.

PFarma stormed through the group stage, winning all 9 games with the very impressive goal difference of 81-17! In the round of 32 and the round of 16 of Primera División Oro, the defending champions eliminated the teams of Asextel and BBVA U´Beat with 3-0 and 4-1 wins, respectively. The champions, however, were seriously challenged in the quarterfinals by MatchBall Marketing as the game ended 3-3 in regular time and the winner was determined in a penalty shoot-out. Next, PFarma defeated Iberdrola by 4-1 in the semifinals to reach the game for the trophy.


Primera División Oro Champions:     PFarma
Primera División Plata Champions:     HSBC Bank
Segunda División Oro Champions:     Robert Walters
Segunda División Plata Champions:     BNP Paribas

Top goalscorer:
1.   Javier Barral   (Alfa Microgés)   -   37   goals
2.   Koldo Gutiérrez   (PFarma)   -   28   goals
3.   Josué Estéban   (Iberdrola)   -   27   goals

1.   Javier Barral   (Alfa Microgés)   -   109   points
2.   Josué Estéban   (Iberdrola)   -   96   points
3.   Koldo Gutiérrez   (PFarma)   -   95   points

Team of the year:
Goalkeeper:   Fabien Ducos   (American Express)
Defender:   Javier Álvarez   (Ideas Desde Cero)
Defender:   Mario Abad   (Alfa Microgés)
Midfielder:   Jony López   (Somos5 CSD)
Midfielder:   Jaime Lara   (Alfa Microgés)
Forward:   Javier Barral   (Alfa Microgés)
Forward:   Josué Estéban   (Iberdrola)