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WFS Polska win the inaugural Sportowa Liga Firm - Wrocław

13 July 2019 /

Our Polish partners Sportowa Liga Firm have launched a new league in the city of Wrocław and the first edition of the competition was won by the team of WFS Polska.

The inaugural season of Sportowa Liga Firm - Wrocław featured the following 10 teams from Lower Silesia:

- Domodi (Fashion platform)
- Porta Capena (IT solutions)
- Radiotechnika Marketing (Specialised electronics)
- Sente (IT systems)
- SYSTRA (Public transport solutions)
- Tectum Real Estate & Apartments (Real estate agency)
- Ten Square Games (Mobile games)
- Unity Group (IT solutions)
- UPM Raflatac (Pressure sensitive labeling‎)
- WFS Polska (Networking club)

The league season was divided into 2 phases - a regular phase and a final phase. In the regular phase, all teams played 9 games - one against each other. After its completion, three new groups of the final phase were formed and the teams in these groups played one more time against each other. The top four teams from the regular phase played for places 1st-4th, the next three teams played for places 5th-7th and the last group of three teams played for places 8th-10th.

At the end, WFS Polska finished comfortably at the top of the standings with 10 wins and 30 points out of 12 games. The players of the popular networking club also scored the most goals in the league - 61.

Interestingly, WFS Polska had the two top assist makers in the league in Damian Przybyło and Krzysztof Szymański who recorded 15 and 12 assists, respectively. On the other side, Ten Square Games had the two top goalscorers - Wojciech Graca and Mateusz Kaleciński each scored 21 goals - but this was only good enough for fourth place in the league standings.

The silver and bronze medals went to UPM Raflatac and Radiotechnika Marketing who both amassed 23 points. UPM Raflatac, however, finished higher due to the better performances in the direct games - a 2-1 win and a 1-1 draw.

At the end of the season, all players had a lot of fun at a special gala: