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European Football Business Leagues United (EFBLU) is a non-profit private limited company which unites European organizers of football leagues and tournaments for corporate teams. It is based in the Polish city of Kraków, where our founding meeting was held on 19th November 2016. The 5 founding members of our organization are Liga Empresarial (Portugal), Poslovna nogometna liga (Slovenia), Sport for all Association (Hasharon, Israel), Football Corporate League (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) and Biznes Liga (Kraków, Poland).

The mission of the European Football Business Leagues United is to oversee, develop and promote corporate football in Europe. We aim to achieve our objectives by uniting the European organizations which run football business leagues and tournaments, and by strengthening the cooperation among them.

Our core values make up our motto: "Passion, fun and fair play"

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President's message

Dear friends,

As the President of the European Football Business Leagues United, I would like to thank you for your interest in our organization and welcome you to our website! It will be a pleasure to tell you a few words about our project.

Being a player in a local football business league and a passionate football fan with countless ideas related to the beautiful game, I came up with the concept of establishing an international corporate football organization back in the summer of 2015. I studied the state of corporate football in Europe, established contacts with many organizers of business leagues and tournaments in various countries, shared my idea with them and invited them to build something truly special together. I am delighted that many colleagues across the continent responded positively and helped turn the idea into reality. I am also extremely proud and deeply honoured that my peers elected me to serve as the President of our organization. I will do my best to meet their high expectations!

Now that the European Football Business Leagues United is already established, we will put a strong emphasis on international cooperation and will work hard to boost the development of corporate football in Europe. In times of rapidly increasing international integration, we will follow the trends by providing the corporate football players with attractive opportunities to participate in international tournaments in foreign countries and experience new adventures. I am sure our players will enjoy playing international football, visiting new places, meeting new colleagues and being a part of a larger European organization!

I am excited with this project and I believe that we can achieve great things together. I hope you share my excitement!

Dr Pawel Dimow
EFBLU President

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