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Dr FIT Wolf Budoserwis dominate in Silesian Business League

15 July 2018 /

The team of Dr FIT Wolf Budoserwis cruised undefeated through the Spring 2018 season in the PowerPartners Ekstraklasa of Silesian Business League to win the league title with 31 points out of possible 33! The new champions won 10 games and drew only one.

73 teams from the whole Silesian region in Southern Poland took part in Silesian Business League's latest Spring 2018 season which was the 7th edition of the competition. They were divided into 6 separate leagues on three different levels. Below we present you the winners of each league as well as the players who scored most goals, made most assists and recorded most appearances in the team of the round:

PowerPartners Ekstraklasa:

Winners:     Dr FIT Wolf Budoserwis     -     31 points
Most goals:     Piotr Makowski   (Firma ZK Grzybowice)     -     26 goals
Most assists:     Dawid Kapała   (Firma ZK Grzybowice)     and     Tomasz Golly   (Dr FIT Wolf Budoserwis)     -     11 assists
Most appearances in the team of the round:     Piotr Makowski   (Firma ZK Grzybowice)     -     5 appearances

1 League A

Winners:     DPL     -     28 points
Most goals:     Marcin Jędrowski   (CC Maksimum Katowice)     -     26 goals
Most assists:     Łukasz Todorski   (Impact Production)     -     13 assists
Most appearances in the team of the round:     Łukasz Todorski   (Impact Production)     -     7 appearances

1 League B

Winners:     DBGeodezja     -     30 points
Most goals:     Nabil Boukarch   (Capgemini)     and     Michał Zych   (BGH Polska)     -     16 goals
Most assists:     Adrian Włóczyk   (BGH Polska)     -     10 assists
Most appearances in the team of the round:     Michał Zych   (BGH Polska)     -     5 appearances

2 League A

Winners:     Kipsta Decathlon     -     31 points
Most goals:     Patryk Serafin   (Kipsta Decathlon)     -     26 goals
Most assists:     Dariusz Jakubczyk   (KPMG)     -     24 assists
Most appearances in the team of the round:     Patryk Serafin   (Kipsta Decathlon)     -     6 appearances

2 League B

Winners:     Future Processing     -     33 points
Most goals:     Mikołaj Krysiak   (Pro Novum)     -     29 goals
Most assists:     Mikołaj Krysiak   (Pro Novum)     -     21 assists
Most appearances in the team of the round:     Mikołaj Krysiak   (Pro Novum)     and     Łukasz Szczyrba   (BetaMed SA)     -     6 appearances

2 League C

Winners:     GEFCO Polska     -     25 points
Most goals:     Adrian Modelski   (Plastic Omnium)     -     36 goals
Most assists:     Karol Borucki   (GEFCO Polska),     Arkadiusz Nicpoń   (STC)     and     Piotr Świdurski   (Step-Pol)     -     8 assists
Most appearances in the team of the round:     Karol Borucki   (GEFCO Polska)     -     7 appearances

Traditionally, the league season was closed with a special Gala. This time the special guest of the event was the popular former Poland international Kamil Kosowski. You can see the video highlights in the below video:

With the exception of 2 League B, which had 13 teams, all other leagues had 12 teams.

Apart from Dr FIT Wolf Budoserwis, three other teams managed to complete the league campaign without a defeat - Proform (1 League B), Kipsta Decathlon (2 League A) and OSOZ (2 League B).

Kipsta Decathlon scored the most goals (75) among all teams in the Silesian Business League and also had the best goal difference (+58) while Future Processing (2 League B) conceded the less goals (15) in the Spring 2018 season.

The player who shone the brightest in the top flight was Piotr Makowski (Firma ZK Grzybowice). He scored 26 goals and made the team of the round 5 times.

Adrian Modelski (Plastic Omnium) was the top goalscorer of all leagues as he found the net 36 times in 2 League C.

Dariusz Jakubczyk (KPMG) was the king of the assists as he set up his teammates 24 times in 2 League A.

The players with most appearances in the team of the round were Łukasz Todorski (Impact Production) and Karol Borucki (GEFCO Polska). They both made the team of the round 7 times in 1 League A and 2 League C respectively.

European Football Business Leagues United congratulates all the participants and wishes them a successful Autumn 2018 campaign!