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EFBLU European Cup 2 - Cinkarna Celje (Celje, Slovenia)

15 September 2018 /

Established in 1873, Cinkarna Celje was originally engaged in metallurgy, but after 1968 chemical processing became the company's primary activity, and today its core business is oriented towards the production and marketing of titanium dioxide pigment.

Today Cinkarna Celje is one of the largest chemical-processing companies in Slovenia. It is a joint stock enterprise employing over 1,000 people and generating more than 150 million euros in sales revenues per annum, with exports into demanding global markets accounting for more than 80 percent of this total.

Cinkarna Celje also participates in different sports disciplines and events, one of them being Poslovna nogometna liga - a football business league, active under the Football Association of Slovenia.

The team comprises of ten players and has been participating in the league for two years. It won the last 2017/18 edition of the Štajerska regional league of Poslovna nogometna liga and qualified to EFBLU European Cup 2 as regional champions.


11. Matjaž Toplak - Captain
8. Tona Mihelič
5. Igor Čauš
6. Anej Vojsk
7. Jernej Štancer
9. Mitja Plahuta
4. Uroš Manfreda
1. Bruno Felicijan
3. Goran Ninič
2. Dejan Matešič
10. Uroš Kroflič