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EFBLU European Tour 1: Klaipeda City (Klaipėda, Lithuania)

1 May 2018 /

Established in 2008, the Lithuanian football team Klaipeda City celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

The players of the team are employees of UAB Vlakosta - a Klaipėda based company which performs complete or partial electrical installations on vessels and onshore installations throughout Scandinavian countries, Western Europe and Lithuania.

Klaipeda city tries to play in as many competitions as possible and is a regular participant in city and regional championships, intercity and international tournaments. The team has enjoyed plenty of success and its most notable achievements are:

2-time Champions of the 2nd Klaipėda City Futsal League (2014/2015 and 2017/2018)
Champions of the 2nd Klaipėda Regional Futsal League (2016/2017)
Champions of the 1st Klaipėda City League 8х8 (2017)


Dmitrij Jakovlev
Vitalij Gurejev
Donatas Stankevičius
Denis Mišin
Roman Abrašin
Dovydas Zakrevskij
Vaidotas Juškus
Tomas Norkūnas
Artiom Lysakov
Dovydas Stonys
Denis Dobrijan
Justas Adamas
Vytautas Žukauskas