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EFBLU European Tour 1: PKO Bank Polski (Warsaw, Poland)

28 April 2018 /

The football team of PKO Bank Polski, the biggest bank in Poland, was established in 2015. The idea of the football section was to create a platform for out-of-the-office meetings with the aim to integrate employees from different business areas through sport.

The team has won the Cup of the Polish Bank Association two times in a row in 2016 and 2017. Furthermore, this year, PKO Bank Polski won an international futsal tournament in Toruń after finishing second in 2016.

Among the other achievements of the team in 2017 are the seconds places at the Cross-sectoral Championship of Poland in Zakopane and the winter, spring and autumn editions of the prestigious business league Legia Biznes Cup.

In addition to playing football, the players are actively engaged in volunteering – among others, together with the Foundation of the PKO Bank Polski they supported the fundraising campaign for the medical treatment of the little Oliwka Wieczorek from Zduńska Wola and Olek Szymański from Łowicz.

The youngest player in the team is 24-years-old and the oldest is 45.

The team has players who have a strong passion for running, shooting, cycling and even beach soccer. They form a harmonious group united by the idea of being leaders in business and sport.

The activities of the team, including participation in tournaments, is co-financed with “PKO after the hours” funds and own funds.

PKO Bank Polski participated in EFBLU European Cup 1 and finished 5th there!


5. Piotr Hełmecki (Central defender) – Captain
12. Robert Zawardzin (Goalkeeper)
3. Adam Wielgołaski (Forward)
9. Piotr Iwaszkiewicz (Forward)
27. Radosław Tomaszewski (Left back)
8. Michał Urbaniak (Right back)
22. Piotr Skwara (Left back)
4. Mateusz Manart (Right back)
90. Daniel Kucharuk (Midfielder)
10. Mateusz Złotowski (Midfielder)