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EFBLU European Tour 3: Marco Vet (Bucharest, Romania)

13 June 2019 /


With an area of over 10,000 square meters in Pipera, a luxury district of the Romanian capital Bucharest, the veterinary complex Marco Vet has an elite status in Southeastern Europe and offers a wide range of services to ensure a healthier life for the pets.


Under this name, the team has a two-year history in the elite football league for companies in Bucharest/Romania - “Liga Companiilor” (Companies League) - with the following results:
- vice-champions from 22 teams in the 2nd league 2017/2018
- 6th from 16 teams in the 1st league 2018/19 with 2 games left till the end of the season
- champions of the Constructors Cup 2017 (summer)
- 3rd place in the Companies Cup 2018 (winter)
- vice-champions in the Companies Superleague 2018 (summer)
* the best game of the current season was the 6-3 win over the reigning champions AD Auto Total:


The remarkable “Football for Companies” organization offers high-quality competitions for 6-a-side teams played on natural and AstroTurf pitches. The main ones are:
- the only competitions played in a league system during the official calendar year (Companies League - Bucharest)
- the longest-running tournament organized in the last 12 years (Constructors Cup - Bucharest)
- summer tournament at the Black Sea, in the historic maritime fortress Callatis (Companies Superleague - Mangalia)
- festive tournament for the National Day in December (United Cup - Bucharest)

* Updated information about team, photos and videos can be found on the website and social media of Liga Companiilor:


Mihail Șișu - Captain
Adrian Pepenică
Alexandru-Iulian Ilina
Tudor-Gheorghe Hotobocescu
Titus-Robert Poșogeanu
Dumitru-Bogdan Manea
Sergiu Tonofrei
Andrei Brașoveanu
Andrei-Dian Petcu
Marian-Silviu Boieșan
Andrei-Cristian Cârstea
Marian Nan