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EFBLU European Tour 4: Energetik (Minsk, Belarus)

3 December 2019 /

We can say that the football team of Energetik was formed in April 2011 as this was the month when the employees of the Energosbyt branch of RUE Minskenergo entered the artificial pitch of the Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University (BSATU) for the first time. After a month of training, a decision was made to enter the Minsk city football championship for amateur teams.

Energetik, mainly comprised of employees of the company, recorded victories in the Minsk city football championship in 2015-2017 and 2019 and won the Minsk city Cup in 2016 and 2017.

The team represented Belarus in the 2018/19 UEFA Regions' Cup and is currently playing in the third division of the Belarus football league.

Energetik, representing RUE Minskenergo, is the only team which has won 2 EFBLU tournaments - EFBLU European Tour 1 and EFBLU European Tour 2 - and will now look to complete an impressive hattrick of EFBLU trophies in Milan.


Dzmitry Halitski
Dzmitry Sadouski
Anton Galay
Artur Martsinchyk
Denis Krigin
Ilya Halahush
Andrei Zayats
Aliaksandr Punko
Andrei Shershan