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EFCF becomes EFBLU

11 October 2017 /

We are excited to announce the rebranding of our organization and our new name "European Football Business Leagues United" (EFBLU)! We believe that the new EFBLU branding represents the next important step in the development of our international football project.

As our organization will not be registered as a sports association but as a non-profit private limited company, we also believe that our new brand name will better illustrate who we are. The European Football Business Leagues United unites the football business leagues across Europe and now this fact is better reflected in our new name.

"We are changing the name of our organization but our aim to work for the good of corporate football in Europe remains unchanged! The rebranding will have a positive impact on our future marketing activities as the new "European Football Business Leagues United" name will distinguish us better in the market and the "EFBLU" acronym is easier to pronounce and remember," EFBLU President Dr Pawel Dimow said.