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Linetech defend their title in Rzeszów

7 December 2020 /

Linetech proved again that they are the strongest team in the Polish Liga Firm Rzeszów by winning the title for the second consecutive time.

The Autumn/Winter 2020 league season featured 8 teams which played each other once before the league was divided into two groups. After the completion of the regular 7 rounds of fixtures, the top four teams formed the Championship Group and the remaining four teams continued in Group 5-8. Every team faced the other three rivals in their group one more time to determine the final standings.

The defending champions and Buty Jana shared the points in their direct match with a 4-4 draw and defeated all other rivals in the regular season to show that they are the two favourites for the title.

Mix-Blach and MB Aerospace were the other two teams which qualified for the Championship Group with 15 and 12 points, respectively. However, only the points from the matches against the other three group rivals were counted in the second phase. As a result, both Linetech and Buty Jana entered the Championship Group with 7 points while Mix-Blach and MB Aerospace had 3 and 0 points at the start, respectively.

The games of the season's last 10th round of fixtures can be watched in the below video.

The faith of the title was going to be decided in a direct match between Linetech and Buty Jana in the last round of fixtures. The two sides entered the crucial game separated by 2 points at the top of the standings and the defending champions needed a draw to lift the title again. They went a step further and defeated their rivals by 6-3. Adrian Nowak, the league's MVP and top goalscorer with 27 goals in 7 games, played a key role in the final game by scoring a hattrick and making one assist.

Buty Jana remained with the silver medals while Mix-Blach successfully protected their third place from the regular season and grabbed the bronze medals. MB Aerospace did not manage to win any points in the second part of the season and kept their fourth place in the league table.

Group 5-8 was won by the team of Specjał who defeated all three rivals in the group and finished fifth in the final standings. Kruszgeo slipped one place after the regular season to sixth while Jasionka Airport and Specjał came seventh and eighth, respectively.

We traditionally wish all the participants plenty of fun on the football pitch in the new season!