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Saint-Gobain sweep Sportowa Liga Firm - Silesia

12 July 2019 /

Saint-Gobain won the Sportowa Liga Firm - Silesia title in an impressive style by winning all 11 games of the Spring 2019 league season!

The players of the French multinational corporation, who previously won the 3rd and 2nd tier of the league in two consecutive seasons, faced a tough challenge at the beginning of their debut campaign in the top flight, however. They lost the first half of the match against Fortis Logistics Sławków by 0-2 but came strong after the break to grab a 3-2 win. That success was followed by 10 more victories.

On their way to the title, Saint-Gobain conceded the fewest goals in the league and recorded the imposing goal difference of 75-21 (+54). While Łukasz Lech was protecting the goal, Krystian Kowalik with 23 goals and 12 assists and Radomir Kowalski with 16 goals and 15 assists shined up front.

The silver and bronze medals went to the teams of Firma ZK Grzybowice (27 points) and BD Inwestor 2 (24 points), respectively. In the meantime, Firma ZK Grzybowice's forward Bartosz Borowiec became the top goalscorer of the league with 32 goals.

Lokal Nieruchomości, who entered the season as 2-time defending champions, finished fourth despite scoring the most goals - 87. Furthermore, their players Dawid Kaciuba and Dawid Piwko amassed the most assists in the league - 21 nad 20, respectively.

A total of 60 teams participated in the Spring 2019 season of Sportowa Liga Firm - Silesia and they were divided into 5 leagues on 4 different levels.

ESA Logistika won 1 Liga (2nd tier) after winning 10 games and recording one draw. They were the highest scoring team in all 5 leagues with 102 goals and the only team which managed to reach the landmark of 100 goals. Interestingly, their prolific striker Sebastian Pączko scored half of these goals (51) while his teammate Kamil Maj recorded 36 assists. Both of these individual achievements were the best among the players of all 60 teams.

2 Liga (3rd tier) was won by the team of Raben Logistics Chorzów with 9 wins and 2 draws while the teams of Netology and Śląskie Składy Węgla triumphed in the two leagues of the 4th tier - 3 Liga A and 3 Liga B, respectively.

Interestingly, Śląskie Składy Węgla's star Dawid Wypych scored the most goals (26) and made the most assists (21) in 3 Liga B.

Sportowa Liga Firm - Silesia also organized their traditional League Cup tournament and it was won by Firma ZK Grzybowice who defeated ESA Logistika in the final by 1-0. Ariel Mnochy scored the only goal in the match in the 2nd minute.

You can see some of the highlights of the Spring 2019 season in the below video:

We also present a short summary of the main team and individual achievements in each league:


Winner: Saint-Gobain - 33 points
Top goalscorer: Bartosz Borowiec (Firma ZK Grzybowice) - 32 goals
Most assists: Dawid Kaciuba (Lokal Nieruchomości) - 21 assists
Most selections in the team of the week: Krystian Kowalik (Saint Gobain) - 5 selections

1 Liga

Winner: ESA Logistika - 31 points
Top goalscorer: Sebastian Pączko (ESA Logistika) - 51 goals
Most assists: Kamil Maj (ESA Logistika) - 36 assists
Most selections in the team of the week: Sebastian Pączko (ESA Logistika) - 8 selections

2 Liga

Winner: Raben Logistics Chorzów - 29 points
Top goalscorer: Dawid Henisz (Raben Logistics Chorzów) - 28 goals
Most assists: Adam Kowalczyk (Novichem) - 12 assists
Most selections in the team of the week: Dawid Henisz (Raben Logistics Chorzów) - 6 selections

3 Liga A

Winner: Netology - 28 points
Top goalscorer: Sebastian Lewicki (Netology) - 28 goals
Most assists: Artur Bialik (Netology) and Paweł Ziaja (Prestige) - 12 assists
Most selections in the team of the week: Sebastian Lewicki (Netology) - 7 selections

3 Liga B

Winner: Śląskie Składy Węgla - 30 points
Top goalscorer: Dawid Wypych (Śląskie Składy Węgla) - 26 goals
Most assists: Dawid Wypych (Śląskie Składy Węgla) - 21 assists
Most selections in the team of the week: Dawid Wypych (Śląskie Składy Węgla) - 5 selections