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EFBLU European tournaments?

The EFBLU tournaments gather corporate teams from all over Europe and give the players an opportunity to experience a memorable football adventure.

International teams

The tournaments present a football challenge to the participants as they test themselves against quality international opposition in an atmosphere of fair play and friendship.

Cultural experience

Taking a sightseeing tour in a beautiful city, trying the delicious local cuisine and having fun at a special party with other corporate football players from across Europe are the other attractions which contribute to the positive experience.

Team building and networking

Spending the weekend with colleagues from work and employees of other foreign companies provides the perfect opportunity to strengthen the bonds within the team and establish valuable international contacts.

EFBLU Tournaments

Our European Championship - EFBLU European Cup - features the best corporate teams of the member leagues of our organization. Details about the tournament participants, schedule, format and rules will be announced well in advance of the start of each tournament.

EFBLU and our member leagues organize an EFBLU European Cup once per year in September. The tournament is played outdoor or indoor and is for 5-a-side, 6-a-side or 7-a-side teams.

Apart from the EFBLU European Cup, we also organize tournaments called "EFBLU European Tour" in various cities across our continent. These tournaments are open to all teams which compete in the competitions of our member leagues. The format and rules of the EFBLU European Tour tournaments depend on the recommendation of the local organizer.

IMPORTANT! Teams can register only 1 player who is not an employee of their company for the EFBLU European Cup and a maximum of 2 non-employees for the EFBLU European Tour. In case the non-employee is/was a professional football player, he should be at least 35-years-old.

List of EFBLU tournaments

NTournamentDateHost cityWinner
1.EFBLU European Cup 112th November 2017Kraków (Poland )Ekonomska Fakulteta Univerze v Ljubljani ŠD (Ljubljana, Slovenia )
2.EFBLU European Tour 15th May 2018Riga (Latvia )Minskenergo (Minsk, Belarus )
3.EFBLU European Cup 215th-16th September 2018Kranjska Gora (Slovenia )Patrol Police (Tbilisi, Georgia )
4.EFBLU European Tour 26th April 2019Riga (Latvia )Minskenergo (Minsk, Belarus )
5.EFBLU European Tour 315th-16th June 2019Madrid (Spain )Empark (Lisbon, Portugal )
6.EFBLU European Cup 314th-15th September 2019Plovdiv (Bulgaria )Eko Grocka (Belgrade, Serbia )
7.EFBLU European Tour 47th-8th December 2019Milan (Italy )Intel (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia )
8.EFBLU European Cup 427th-28th August 2022Bielsko-Biała (Poland )Sportips (Bucharest, Romania )

EFBLU All-time standings

PlaceTeam (Town, Country)Cup 1Tour 1Cup 2Tour 2Tour 3Cup 3Tour 4Cup 4Tour 5Total points
1.PKO Bank Polski (Warsaw, Poland )15612015688728188--761
2.Sportips (Bucharest, Romania ) -----18012030096696
3.Patrol Police (Tbilisi, Georgia )--300-80---200580
4.Energetik (Minsk, Belarus )-200-200--96--496
5.Empark (Lisbon, Portugal )--240-200----440
6.SBTech (Plovdiv, Bulgaria )--210-12099---429
7.STRONG (Riga, Latvia )13296-160-----388
8.PepsiCo (Bucharest, Romania )----104-72210-386
9.AD Auto Total (Bucharest, Romania )--144--240---384
10.Intel (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia )-72-104--200--376
11.Hanon Systems (Plovdiv, Bulgaria )144-120--108---372
12.Marco Vet (Bucharest, Romania )180---140----320
13.Ekonomska Fakulteta UL (Ljubljana, Slovenia ) 300--------300
Eko Grocka (Belgrade, Serbia ) -----300---300
15.Magna Formpol (Tychy, Poland )240--------240
Rekord SI (Bielsko-Biała, Poland )-------240-240
17.Roketsan (Ankara, Turkey )-----132--104236
18.Baltic International Bank (Riga, Latvia )-140-80-----220
19.RMF MAXXX (Kraków, Poland )210--------210
Bobrujsk brewery (Bobrujsk, Belarus )-----210---210
21.Klaipeda City (Klaipeda, Lithuania )-88-96-----184
22.MB Aerospace (Rzeszów, Poland )--180------180
Netology (Katowice, Poland )-------180-180
Odelo Slovenija (Prebold, Slovenia )------48132-180
25.Cinkarna Celje (Celje, Slovenia )-- 108---60--168
26.Zakład Metalurgiczny "WSK Rzeszów" (Rzeszów, Poland )-160-------160
Alfa Microgés (Madrid, Spain )----160----160
Catena Racing Team (Bucharest, Romania )------160--160
Yapı Kredi Teknoloji (Istanbul, Turkey )--------160160
30.DPZ Impol (Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia )-----156---156
Davis Fabrics (Bielsko-Biała, Poland )-------156-156
32.ELRON (Tallinn, Estonia )-80-66-----146
33.ABB Bulgaria (Plovdiv, Bulgaria )-----144---144
Tyskie Browary Książęce (Poznań, Poland )-------144-144
35.Eesti Energia (Jõhvi, Estonia )---140-----140
Gemini Solutions (Bucharest, Romania )------140--140
Yapı Kredi (Istanbul, Turkey )--------140140
38.Andip-92 (Plovdiv, Bulgaria ) --132------132
39.Portugal Telecom (Lisbon, Portugal )120--------120
Optima Logistics Group (Warsaw, Poland )---120-----120
Sport Vision (Belgrade, Serbia )-----120---120
RE/MAX Home Professional (Bielsko-Biała, Poland )-------120-120
İba Kimya (Ankara, Turkey )--------120120
44.TI Fluid (Bielsko-Biała, Poland )-------108-108
45.Hegvita (Vilnius, Lithuania )-104-------104
Rompetrol (Bucharest, Romania )------104--104
47.Hood Burger United (Ljubljana, Slovenia )--99------99
48.Army (Tbilisi, Georgia )----96----96
49.Marmor Hotavlje (Hotavlje, Slovenia )--90------90
Liebherr (Plovdiv, Bulgaria )-----90---90
51.Iberdrola (Madrid, Spain )----88----88
Kaptan Grup (Istanbul, Turkey )--------8888
53.Helios Group (Ljubljana, Slovenia )--81------81
54.Raben (Czechowice-Dziedzice, Poland )------80--80
HF NaJUS (Dubnica nad Váhom, Slovakia )--------8080
56.Bisnode (Ljubljana, Slovenia )---72-----72
57.Rīgas pašvaldības policija (Riga, Latvia )-66-------66
Deloitte (Madrid, Spain )----66----66
OB serviss (Riga, Latvia )------66--66
60.Policia d'Andorra (Andorra )----60----60
61.BorgWarner (Rzeszów, Poland )----54----54
Funsports (Lisbon, Portugal )------54--54
63.BEST Trasporti (Milan, Italy )------44--44

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