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Arkadiusz Szydełko


Liga Firm Rzeszów (Poland)

As organizers of football competitions for companies based in the city of Rzeszów and its vicinity, we are very positive about the new EFBLU project which aims to bring together football business leagues from all over Europe.

Now the teams in our league will be more motivated because good performances will give them chances to show their skills to a wider audience. Furthermore, EFBLU gives the teams opportunities to test themselves against teams from other leagues, which will have a positive direct impact on the development of all participating teams.

Being a member of the European Football Business Leagues United will raise the reputation of our league and will encourage more teams to join our competitions.

We recommend joining EFBLU to all organizers of football business leagues.

Mladen Gjuroski

Project Manager

Business League of Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia)

We, the Business League of Macedonia, welcome the establishment of the European Football Business Leagues United and believe in the positive impact it will have on the development of corporate football in Europe.

Having similar aims and values, we are looking forward to building a partnership and collaborating on joint projects with EFBLU and its member organizations. Such a collaboration between the organizers of football competitions for corporate teams should bring more benefits to the most important stakeholders - the corporate football players.