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EFBLU European Cup 1: Portugal Telecom (Lisbon, Portugal)

8 November 2017 /

Portugal Telecom is the largest telecommunications service provider in Portugal. The company is governed by a code of well-defined principles and values: thoroughness, honesty, integrity and social responsibility. The football team of Portugal Telecom welcomes the opportunity to carry the values of the company to the football field and add to them the values inherent to sport, such as respect for the adversary, team spirit and spirit of fair-play.

The team of Portugal Telecom is the Vice-Champion of Liga Empresarial and with a group of experienced players, they compensate what they lack in youth with great positional sense and team play.

Being owners of the best defensive record and one of the best offensive records in the domestic league, Portugal Telecom are a tough team to beat. Without a doubt, they will represent Portugal in a dignified way at the EFBLU European Cup 1 and will try to win the tournament!


Pedro Marques (Goalkeeper)

Miguel Desirat (Defender)                      Ricardo Silva (Defender)

Nuno Ramos (Midfielder) - Captain     Marco Pombo (Midfielder)                      Pedro Pereira (Midfielder)                      Ricardo Nel (Midfielder)

Alfredo Pereira (Forward)                       Flávio Baltazar (Forward)                       Vasco Cabrita (Forward)

Jacinto Vieira (Coach)